The Attorneys at Matthew Hill Law, PLLC Routinely Handle Complex Business Transactions & Business Litigation.

Matthew Hill Law, PLLC, has represented both buyers and sellers in transactions involving millions upon millions of dollars. So, we understand complex business transactions and what it takes to get them done right. Matthew Hill Law, PLLC, recognizes that we must walk you through the process and serve as a member of a larger team that will frequently include CPAs, investment bankers, and insurance experts.

We welcome the opportunity to familiarize our clients with the relevant process, help them gauge their expectations regarding the time and effort needed to accomplish a deal and to carefully explain the way that issues are ultimately addressed in the numerous transaction documents.

It goes without saying that Matthew Hill Law, PLLC has extensive experience in all areas that clients need from their business transaction attorney, such as performing due diligence, deciding on an appropriate deal structure, drafting and negotiating deal documents, and getting the deal to closing. That said, we also make sure that while providing these services, we remain sensitive to the specific needs of each client, and manage the deal process accordingly.

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A Closer Look At
Business Transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The sale or purchase of a business in Texas usually involves a contract, which will vary depending the type of transaction involved, a due-diligence period, and a closing. While the heart of the transaction is governed by the contract, other documents used in the sale might include deeds for real property, bills of sale for personal property, non-compete agreements for the seller and various entity authorizations and ratifications.

One of the most important decisions when buying or selling a business is whether just the assets themselves are being conveyed or the entire business entity. Buyers generally prefer to purchase just the assets of the business as opposed to the entity itself because purchasing the assets alone minimizes the risk in acquiring undisclosed liabilities associated with the entity. However, there are some potential advantages to purchasing the entire entity. For example, buying the entity itself might include acquiring an established credit rating, business lines with a bank, and current vendor accounts while eliminating some otherwise necessary paperwork.

One of the most critical aspects of buying a business is the period where a buyer has the opportunity to inspect and investigate the operations, records, and functions of the business being purchased.

Common Steps of the
Due Diligence Process.

All the contracts related to the sale and purchase of a business will include a date for closing when all the documents are signed and the consideration for the sale is provided by the buyer. Should the transaction involve the sale of real property, the closing would usually take place at a title company office. Should the sale of a business involve no real property, it is often more efficient for the closing to take place at a lawyer’s office.

At the end of the day, we seek to ensure that our buyer clients do not take on unanticipated risks, while we seek to limit post-closing indemnification claims against clients who are sellers.

Business Litigation.

When businesses or individuals engage in business transactions. It is expected that each party will honor the terms and conditions of the underlying agreement. Unfortunately, sometimes something goes away and one party will breach the contract, engage in fraud or otherwise attempt to abuse or take advantage of the other party. If you or your company faces the prospect of significant injury due to another company’s wrongful actions, you need a forceful advocate on your side.

Matthew Hill Law, PLLC represents individuals and companies in East Texas in business litigation. We are careful focused and results oriented. We listen to your specific needs and wants while being dedicated to winning cases.

In some cases Matthew Hill Law, PLLC will offer clients the choice of hourly or contingent fee arrangements. This is instrumental in helping parties with limited resources gain access to exceptional legal representation.

Matthew Hill Law, PLLC assists clients in a wide spectrum of business litigation, including:

Breach of Contract

Breaches of contract are at the heart of nearly every dispute between businesses.


In many cases, allegations of fraud and breach of contract go hand in hand.

Partnership Litigation

We handle all manner of partnership disputes

Business Torts

We are skilled at prosecuting business torts, including theft of trade secrets, tortious interference with contracts, and other business torts.

Employment Matters

We have worked in matters involving non-compete agreements and have the contacts necessary to enforce or fight non-compete agreements.

It is important to note that in most business disputes, there is a window of opportunity during which expensive business litigation can be avoided. Matthew Hill Law, PLLC prides itself on creating and recognizing the opportunity to equitably resolve business disputes before thousands of dollars are spent on litigation.